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     |      2022-05-21 09:18:32

Speaking of the smith machine, I believe some people may confuse it with the squat rack. Because they all seem to be composed of barbell bar and frame body, the difference is that the barbell bar of squatting frame can be movable, that is, a standard bar; The barbell bar of Smith machine bar weight is a bar moving along a fixed track and cannot be disassembled!

Marcy Smith machine has two fixed moving tracks, which are framed by the frame. Therefore, Smith machine bench press belongs to fixed equipment and is relatively easy to use.


Although the track of incline Smith machine press is fixed, the muscle groups it can train are very comprehensive. From bench press, shoulder push to squat, and from humerus 2 to thigh 4, Smith machine home gym can be used for training. At first glance, it seems to be a "panacea", and the training of all parts can be completed. But there has always been a controversy in the fitness circle: is Smith really suitable for fitness people?

Some people think Smith is not suitable for bodybuilders for the following reasons:

1. Insufficient participation of core muscle group

When we train with dumbbells and barbells, we usually need whole-body cooperation to activate the strength of the core to maintain the stability of the body. Smith's relatively fixed track will weaken these functions of the core.

2. It is not conducive to fat reduction

Since Smith's fixed track allows fewer muscle groups to participate, it will naturally make you consume less calories and make the effect of fat reduction worse.

3. Weaken sports performance

Whether you aim to increase your muscle fat or improve your physical fitness, Smith will greatly weaken your body's functions, such as pushing shoulders on the shoulders. Using the body solid Smith machine will replace your 33% strength (because of its stable orbit design). At this time, the old fellow who is very knowledgeable will say, "3D Smith machine?" Although the horizontal movement track is added on the basis of the up and down movement track, the trainer's movement performance is still limited.

But the voice supporting Smith's training is also loud:

1. Establish action basis

Smith has a fixed moving track, which is simple and safe to operate. If you are not sure about some training movements, it is a good choice to use Smith to establish the movement foundation through low-weight training.

2. Comprehensive training parts

I said at the beginning of the article that Smith is a panacea and can operate a lot of actions. There are many muscle groups that can be trained, which are very comprehensive. From bending lift, bench press to hard pull, from the second humerus to the fourth thigh and lower leg, seizing one Smith will solve all of them.

3. Ensure safety

Many movements need a helper to protect you during exhaustive training. However, if you use the nautilus Smith machine for exhaustion, turn your wrist slightly to make the safety buckle buckle into a fixed position, you can stop the action. Compared with other free instruments, it is more safe and assured.

After reading the above two voices for the home Smith machine, I don't know which one you will support? Whether you support or oppose it, there are still many parts that Smith machine can train. Here are some training actions using life fitness Smith machine, so that you can also "practice all over the body" with one instrument. Come and have a look!

Training action of Smith machine:

Action 1: flat Smith bench press

Action 2: upward incline Smith machine bench press

Action 3: Smith machine chest press

Action 4: Smith machine shoulder lift

Action 5: Smith rowing

Action 6: Smith machine assisted squat

Action 7: Smith standing heel raised

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