HOS-G036 Lat Pulldown

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HOS-G036 Lat Pulldown


•Product Weight : 224 kg

•Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) : 1450*1100*2060 mm


01 Heavy-Gauge Steel Frames

•Main tube: 40*137*3.0T flat oval tube and 40*80*25T flat oval tube

•Color options: black/gray/white/red,etc., other colors can be customized


02 Thick Comfortable Cushion

•The cushion is made of PU with once forming technology.It has a very high tear strength, and high abrasion resistance.

•Color options:  black/brown/yellow/red, etc.other colors can be customized


03 Multiple Strands of Steel Rope

•Twist 7 cables which are constituted of 19 ropes around a main steel rope.

•Externadiameter (leather included): 5.8mm. Internal diameter (only steel): 3.5mm. Maxload: 1000kg.


04 Product Details

•Weight plate: Alloy steel (20#), flat and smooth surface, thin but heavy.

•Selector pin: handle material using ABS iniection molding, pins using 304stainless steel finishing.