HOS-707 Spinning Bike

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1.Solid body, flywheel full package

2.Super strong bearing, solid body material is safe and firm, bearing 230 kg running smoothly

3.Four kinds of the grip. Different needs to choose the grip position to improve training efficiency

4.Double-sided protective shell. Comprehensive security protection, movement has safeguard

5.The infinite resistance regulation. Resistance adjustable, simulation scenario, meet different pursuit

6.Stainless steel 15 kg of flywheel. Large inertia flywheel dynamic, uniform rotation is more stable

7.Triangle stable system. To comply with the dynamics and improve overall stability bearing principle

8.Enjoy a quiet belt transmission. Running smoothly! Keep away from noise bothers

9.Aluminum pedal. Professional hollow out design, can adjust size of the need, let the foot has a more comfortable space

10.High quality handlebar, have prevent sweat effect 

11.Adjustable seat and handle, suitable for different height female, old and young people can find a comfortable riding position


 •Product Weight : 53kg

 •Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) : 1030*580*1140mm