HOS-720 elliptical machine

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1.High strength supporting steel pipe

23mm thick steel pipe structure is adopted to strengthen the stability and safety of running

2. Double handle multiple forging

Heart rate detection is safe and assured

On the long handle, the whole body ; Short handle, with different local positions of asynchronous distance

3. Double aluminum sheet

The pulley way uses aluminum sheet design at all costs to reduce friction, running flow and safety

4. Anti skid pedal

Provide comfortable treading feeling, excellent friction and wear resistance during movement

5. Front flywheel design

Make the bipedal spacing smaller and tread more stable.

6. Foam handrail

The grip is soft and comfortable. It is not afraid of water and easy to scrub. It is not afraid of dirt after long use.

7. Multifunctional display

Independent research and development of multi-functional display, which can clearly display various motion data. The panel angle can be adjusted freely. It supports Bluetooth and FM


 •Product Weight :160kg

 •Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) :2150*720*1900mm