HOS-716 elliptical machine

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1.Why do you want to select the elliptical machine?

2.Ellipses machine fitness movement in conformity with the person's natural stride, joint to the human body does not produce huge impact and damage the body. Activities at the same time in the elliptical machine to the onset of the muscles, physical fitness and body fat reducing, suitable for all people!

3.Multi-function elliptical machine.  Cardio multi-usage

4.Elliptical motion running half an hour is equivalent to 60 minutes, cardio 40 minutes

5.The smooth arc connecting rod design replaces the rigid straight line pulling to conform to the machine and human movement track, and the smooth inertia driving gives it comfort

6.Don't sweat, panting, good figure stepped out

7.Elliptical machine for upper limb and lower at the same time to participate in sports. For the whole body all has waked up, can realize high efficient fat burnning

8.Holding a heart rate sensor, real-time monitoring of heart rate increase movement quality and effect

9.Rear two-way flywheel design, regular movement, also can reverse stroll and follow, let the sport more fun

10.To simulate the body's natural motion path, the scientific custom stride knee can modify legs again

11.To simulate the body's natural motion path, the scientific custom stride knee and legs 

12.Sports corner all bearing design, tie-in multi-link design. Reduce friction, the force and inertial more stable, movement process smoothly


 •Product Weight :130kg

 •Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) :2100*760*1820mm