HOS-723 Ski Training Machine

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1.Main functions: adjust human body balance ability, body coordination, adjust human muscle endurance response and reflex ability, and effectively train the orderly arrangement of spine.

2. Wind resistance ski:Shape your elegant curve. Start your indoor skiing trip

3.Low impact (for knees and ankles)

4.High calorie consumption (multiple muscle groups are used)

5.Upper body (participate by stretching)

6.Lower body (legs complete each stretch)

7.Dazzle the trunk (abdominal muscles and back)

8.Effectively carry out aerobic fitness and strength training

9.An excellent way to reduce stress and enhance physical and mental health

10. Precise monitoring;HD display

High Definition LCD display, accurately record the sliding speed, time, distance, calories, frequency reduction and total quantity

11. The safety cover is safer to use

12. Whole body exercise, fat burning and shaping


 •Product Weight :45kg

 •Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) :1293*592*12290mm