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     |      2022-05-31 10:00:50

Speaking of the roman chair, I believe everyone is familiar with it. In fact, among the fitness equipment, the roman chair exercise is a very effective equipment, and the fitness effect of the Roman chair is still very good. Of course, both the Roman chair and other equipment should have the correct use method. So, what is the usage of roman chair machine? Let's take a look.




Goat stand up

1. Choose a Roman chair, then bend over and place the stuck height under the hip joint (at the bottom of the thigh)

2. The shoulders sink, slightly retract, the chin retracts, and the core muscles tighten to maintain the normal physiological radian of the spine. From the side, your ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles are in a straight line!

3. Grasp the dumbbell or barbell, then drive the back muscle to pull the barbell to the top of the abdomen (don't top the waist when pulling up), stay for one second, squeeze the shoulder blades, and then slowly restore it!

Roman chair leg lift

1. Fix the body very stably on the hanging leg lifting instrument. It is required to hold the handle tightly with both hands, keep the upper body close to the backrest, look straight at the front, close your abdomen and chest, keep your legs together, and keep your feet straight.

2. Quickly lift your legs to the level with the ground, stay for 1-2 seconds and slowly put them down to the original position.

Roman chair sit up and back extensionhyperextension roman chair

1. Lie prone on the Roman chair, bend your upper body forward, fix your feet, hold your head with both hands or shoulder the barbell.

2. Keep the upper body as high as possible, and when it reaches the highest point, keep still for one second. Then reply slowly. Note that the body should fall slowly for 2 seconds and reach the lowest point. When the body gets up, it should be faster for 1 second as far as possible. In a group, keep the frequency of slow down and fast up as much as possible.



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