The 4 best pieces of gym equipment for beginners

     |      2022-07-26 17:41:21


1. HOS Fitness Seated Lat pull-down

The lat pull-down machine is one of the largest muscles in your back while also engaging your biceps and shoulders. Working your lats can help to improve posture and protect your spine during other exercises while sculpting and strengthening the muscles in your back. 

The lat pull-down can help you build strength, particularly if your goal is to do a pull-up. As your pulling strength increases, you’ll be able to move on to the assisted pull-up machine and eventually to an unassisted pull-up.


2.HOS Fitness Leg press

The leg press allows you to lift heavy weights with your legs to build strength, without the risk of compromising your form. The movement uses similar muscles to the squat, but the weight has a fixed range of movement to limit the risk of injury.  

When performing the leg press exercise, ensure your hips are in contact with the backrest of the seat. This is to ensure the force of the weight doesn’t shift onto your tailbone and lower back. Your knees should track straight during the movement, rather than collapsing inward or bowing out to the side. 


3.Hos Fitness Assisted pull-up

Many women say that they can’t do a pull-up, but the truth is that with the right equipment, anyone can do pull-ups! The assisted pull-up machine offsets your body weight which will allow you to build strength gradually. 

Assisted pull-ups require you to stabilise your entire body, so you work more muscles than you do with a lat pull-down.

As you get stronger, you’ll be able to decrease the offset. Take it slowly and only do as many reps as you can complete while maintaining the correct good form. 

If there isn’t an assisted pull-up machine available, you can use a long resistance band to offset your weight. 

Loop the band around the bar and insert one of your feet into the loop, with the other foot on top to stabilise yourself. Choose a band that allows you to complete 5-10 pull-ups — as you get stronger, you can use a lighter band. 


4. HOS Fitness Smith machine

The Smith machine is a vertical bar that moves within fixed steel rails. It’s an alternative to using free weights or barbells and can feel safer for those who are new to lifting. The Smith machine can facilitate a bench press, shoulder press and squats. 

When using the Smith machine, consider your form, and orientate your body around the bar to complete the exercise safely and correctly.